SANFLUA uses its Publications to communicate with our members on a wide variety of subjects and issues. Our two most important communication tools are our Ball Up and the Annual Report. Both serve a great purpose for the Association in providing information to our members and Life Members.

Ball Up

Ball Up is a regular publication for SANFLUA and provides many functions for our members. Regular articles from Field Marshall, Boundary Bolter and Galloping Goalie allow our current members and Life Members an opportunity to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Umpiring ranks. 

From Milestone articles to Umpire Profiles, Ball Up has everything.

2018 Ball Up Editions

Ball Up Issue 1

2017 Ball Up Editions

Ball Up Issue 1

Ball Up Issue 2

Ball Up Issue 3

Ball Up Issue 4

Ball Up Issue 5

Annual Report

Our Annual Report serves as an important communication tool for SANFLUA. Our members are able to see the workings of SANFLUA throughout a particular year. It gives our members and Life Members more understanding on the activities undertaken from a financial viewpoint whilst also providing background on all Committee Members Roles and their activities for the preceding year.

Click below to read our current Annual Report.

2017 Annual Report