Thomas Bryce
Joined 2015

“Ultimately, when we all reflect on our involvement in Umpiring, it will be the relationships which we cherish the most. Through being a SANFLUA Member, you are provided with the opportunity and honour of joining a community of SANFL Umpires, past and present.

A highlight is undoubtedly The SANFLUA Annual Dinner. Held at The Adelaide Oval, you will share the room with legends of SANFL Umpiring and hear their stories, all whilst enjoying the company of your mates and fellow SANFL Umpiring peers.

I am incredibly proud to be a SANFLUA Member and strongly encourage everyone involved in Umpiring to join the association.”


Daniel Whittlesea
Joined 2017

“I signed up with SANFLUA in my second year as a SANFL umpire. It is a great privilege to be part of the Association, with members including both past and present umpiring legends. The SANFLUA also provided crucial support for all of our umpires during the challenging times of the past 2 years.

The social events organised by SANFLUA are always a hit with members. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for new members to socialise with other umpires away from the stress of matchday and training. I remember attending the SANFLUA events really helped me break out of my shell and start networking and building healthy relationships with my fellow SANFL umpires.

The Annual Dinner is a highlight of the year which is always heavily attended by members of all ages, including Life Members and associates. It is always a great night and is a reminder of how important the Association is to everyone.
I encourage all new umpires in SA to join the Association. You’ll find support, friendship, and a great opportunity to connect with other umpires.”


Matthew Zacher
Joined 2006

“I joined the SANFLUA in the early stages of my career with the SANFL. It was great to be involved and have a direct connection with established SANFL umpires and other members of the umpiring cohort.
The frequent social events that the association organises, with the annual dinner always being a highlight, gave me the opportunity to make some of the lifelong friends from umpiring that I will cherish, even past my umpiring career being over.

Importantly, the SANFLUA has acted as a voice for the interests of the collective group of umpires behind the scenes, leading to many improvements in umpiring through my time as a member.”


Matthew Williams
Joined 2006

“SANFLUA greatly enriches my umpiring experience. In my first year of umpiring, I was told many stories about SANFLUA’s social events and the Annual Dinner – undoubtedly the highlight of the year.

SANFLUA events are a great chance to catch up with your fellow umpires and learn more about them outside of the training & match-day environment. With reduced training sessions and reduced contact with our fellow umpires in today’s environment, SANFLUA’s events provide an even more important role than ever.

I always look forward to the Annual Dinner. Walking into the room you can feel the sense of camaraderie as you socialise with current & former umpires. It’s a real privilege & honour to be involved with so many great people in umpiring, and there are a number of worthy awards which recognise people’s involvement with the Association and umpiring.

I strongly encourage all umpires to join the Association. You will have lots of fun, create unforgettable memories and make life-long friendships along the way.”