Theron Philp

Joined 1990
Life Member 2008

 I first became a member the same year I started umpiring with the SANFL. I felt honoured to be invited to be part of the Association, which included so many legendary SANFL umpires…some of which have gone on to become Hall of Fame inductees.

The social events were always fun, and as a young umpire, it gave me a chance to socialise with senior umpires I trained alongside. I vividly remember my first Annual Dinner…I felt in awe of all the past and present umpires I was sharing dinner with. The honouring of Awards for Continued Service to the Association, induction of the new Life Members and presentation of SANFLUA Awards gave me a better appreciation of the importance and role the Association has to all of us umpiring on game day.

I strongly urge those umpiring football in SA to join the association. I guarantee you will get more out of it than you expect, and you will make life-long friendships along the way.   


Adrian Forster

Joined 1974
Life Member 1992

  As a past Secretary and President of SANFLUA I feel privileged to continue to be a part of the association. Along the journey I have met some fantastic and professional members from all walks of life and I have forged great friendships with the members I have worked with on the committee and been associated with.

Becoming a Life Member of the Association in 1992 was certainly a highlight in my career as an Umpire and one I will always cherish.

The committee is your voice and can assist with making umpiring even more enjoyable for you and your partner. I encourage every umpire to join SANFLUA and continue to support your Committee.  


Steve Axon

Joined 1997

I joined the SANFLUA over 20 years ago and have very fond memories of the association when my umpiring journey began all those years ago.

The social events provided the opportunity to mix with (as it turned out to be) some of our SANFL umpiring ‘greats’. The Mildura end of season trips back in the early 2000’s for the Pooncarie and Manangatang Cups will always be remembered. Many hours spent on the bus building lifelong friendships with field, boundary and goal umpires. And who could forget the infamous ‘Hot Seat’ where many great stories were told and laughs had along the way.

The Annual Dinner is certainly a highlight for me each year as its not only a time of recognition and celebration, but also a chance to reunite and reminisce with some of the past umpires who continue to support the association.

This is indicative of what the association means to everyone and anyone that has ever been a member. So join up and let the good times roll on!